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Shahbaz Kamil About

I’m Shahbaz! 👋

Web designer & developer based in Karachi, PK. I’m passionate about tech, design, business, and freelancing.

In the daytime, I work on my client’s project and answer all the emails related to the process. On the side, I take advantage of different freelancing platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork and respond to those clients and provide my time to create a meaningful impact on their business through web design.


Live with passion

I absolutely love the mystery of the nights, driving with friends, and eating in fancy restaurants, things are quiet and the world becomes calmer.

I also like working late at night because it makes me more productive and focused, learning more about tech, freelancing, businesses, and different aspects of life. And coffee. I love coffee.

Yes! I love going to the gym it’s my favorite thing to do after work, being in the gym motivates you further to push hard and achieve your goals and can create discipline which will affect you positively in other aspects of Life.

My development tool of choice is absolutely WordPress & and for design, I love to work on Figma.

Fav Food Pizza
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Successful Design Process


Your website’s first impression is very important Therefore determining how your company and brand will be perceived by the users. As every second counts on the web, I pay high attention to the performance of your project by using the best practices.


An amazing experience for your users goes through the motion and action of your project. In addition, I spend a lot of time creating and designing them to provide a smooth and remarkable navigation experience.


Developing your website by listening to your needs and desires and by giving you my point of view in order to get the best for your project.


Shahbaz did a great job fixing the issues I was having with my theme and put a ton of work into migrating the site over to a new one that will work better for my needs. Really appreciate all the hard work.

Lisa AldersonUnited States

Very good and fast communication! Really good too understand each task and all my ideas. Great work Shahbaz, I will definitely use this developer again!

Estelle BeckUnited States

Excellent service delivered on time with no delays, the development was flexible to meet my needs, will be recommending him to others.

Reni SharmaSingapore

I'm wondering why I never contacted him soon! Seriously, He has all the commendable talent in his respective fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Jack GrahamUnited States

Need a High-Performing Website?


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Contact me on Fiverr, If you're interested to hire me for a flat-rate project.
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Contact me on Upwork, If you're interested to hire me for hourly-rate projects.
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Contact me on LinkedIn, If you're interested to hire me for business startup project.