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Do you want to skip forward to the article? For the majority of consumers, the greatest web hosting provider is TrustPulse or WP Notification Bar.

When it comes to increasing page sales impressions and clicks, no one can deny the importance of WordPress banner ads plugins. These banner plugins are the tools that allow you to display your preferred services through pictures. In addition, web banners can also be used to present special offers, discounts, or new products in a professional and eye-catching way.

In other words, Banners are digital advertisements that appear in numerous spots around your website. They’re commonly seen in a website’s header, footer, or sidebar. Because they are seen as inexpensive yet effective online advertising, brands and small companies use them to improve brand awareness or client engagement outside of their websites.

However, one of the most attractive features of these wordpress banners adds plugins is that they help you notify consumers of company-wide updates, send coupons or other promotions, and expand your email list without interfering with the user’s experience because they are placed at the top or bottom of the visitor’s browser. This provides you with a powerful but understated method of interacting with your online store’s clients.

10 Best WordPress Banner Plugins for 2022

Below are detailed reviews that explain my recommendations, followed by a brief tactical section to assist you in weighing your options. However, one that’s the best fit will totally depend on the type of banner you’d like to create.

TrustPulse – Best Social Proof

TrustPulse Plugin

TrustPulse comes first in our list of 10 best WordPress banner plugins For 2022 since it is the world’s most popular social proof software. So, what exactly does a social proof notification plugin have to do with this list? While TrustPluse does not provide banners in the traditional sense, they Do allow you to notify visitors of specials, promotions, updates, and more in a non-intrusive manner.

In other words, you can get everything you want from a WordPress banner and adds plugins with TrustPlus’s Action Message campaign. In addition, the little notifications can be configured as static messages across your site in this campaign. For example, imagine you wanted to use a banner to increase your Instagram followers. With TrustPlus, you might create a notice that works similarly to a banner with a campaign.


This short message created by the TrustPlus campaign will catch your user’s attention and urge them to click on it when it comes to the bottom of the screen. The person will then be led to your Instagram page, where they will follow you. However, these notifications can also be utilized to send users to landing sites, signup forms, and other forms of information.

TrustPlus is a terrific alternative to traditional banners because it allows you to achieve the same sales and marketing objectives. Furthermore, getting started with TrustPlus does not necessitate any coding knowledge or experience. You may generate all kinds of social proof notifications in just a few clicks that work just like a banner message.

Notable Features
  • It will increase sales by 15%.
  • Multiple mobile campaigns.
  • Campaigns can be built without any coding knowledge.
  • Perfect targeting and conversions.
  • The price starts at $5.

WP Notification Bar – Best for Growth

WP notification bar plugin

WP Notification Bars is a WordPress banner that adds plugins that are both easy and effective. It’s simple to set up, can be tailored to your website, and it’s entirely free to use. However, this can be an excellent alternative for quickly creating a WordPress banner if you’re good at troubleshooting and solving problems independently because all help is provided through community forums. However, we can conclude that you get a free, lightweight plugin that works as a unique WordPress banner with mind-blowing pricing.

  • This Banner will provide you with services that include:
  • Provide quick company updates to customers.
  • In addition, It provides improved impressions and conversions.
  • Promote targeted marketing promotions.
  • In zero dollar charges.
Notable Features
  • User-friendly interface.
  • WP Notification Bar has really fast loading.
  • Multiple banners in many templates.

OptinMonster – Best Lead Generation Plugin

Optinmonster Plugin

A premium WordPress lead-generating plugin Optinmonster is by far the most acceptable option for adding a banner bar to your site. In addition, Optinmonster provides you with the tools required to create new banners, even if you don’t have any coding or design knowledge.

This is because the plugin includes more than 50 pre-made templates that you can utilize to get a head start on your campaign design. All of these themes are mobile-friendly and fully responsive. They’re also simple to change. That’s because OptinMonster has drag-and-drop visual builder that don’t require any coding. You can modify the wording and add new elements to your WordPress banner with only a few clicks.

And if you want to add additional elements to your campaign, you may do so by dragging and dropping them in place. For example, go to the top of your editor and select Add Blocks, then navigate through the “block” options. Video, image, text, countdown timers, custom HTML, and many other options are included.


Everything fits together nicely because OptinMonster’s features are all constructed up of “blocks.” As a result, you don’t need to be an expert designer to make gorgeous WordPress banner bars.

However, designing a flag is only half the battle. The other half is conveying it in front of the right people, in the right places, at the correct time during their buyer journey, and for this, OptinMonster has defined specific targeting rules.

Notable Features
  • Drag and Drop Builder.
  • Mobile-Friendly Popups.
  • Choose from more than 30 templates.
  • Above all, It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

HashBar – Easy-to-Use Banner Plugin

HashBar WordPress Plugin

HashBar is a notification bar for WordPress banner ads plugins that’s perfect for alerts and special offers. It’s a free application with a paid edition that allows you to make an endless number of banners for your WordPress site.
It allows you to add call-to-action buttons and email registration forms to your Banner to help you expand your list. It’s also thoroughly customizable, permitting you to change the text, colors, and backdrop, among other things.

  • This program generates banners that look amazing on any device, even mobile.
  • Optinmonster can be placed wherever you want, configured to reach your target audience, and used to meet your marketing objectives.
Notable Features
  •  Above all, HashBar is easy to set up.
  • Customizing options.
  • Scheduling the campaigns, etc.

TopBar – Simple and Clean Interface

TopBar is another WordPress banner plugin you can use for your site is TopBar. In addition, It allows you to make straightforward banner bars to entice users to act. However, it’s less user-friendly than the other solutions on the list, and it lacks the customization capabilities that premium plugins like OptinMonster provide.

  • It’s a helpful tool that includes everything you’ll need to have WordPress banner plugins running in no time.
  • In addition, it also supports various languages, enabling you to add features like CTA buttons and custom colors/text, and allows you to keep the bar displayed while users scroll.
Notable Features
  • Above all, It supports multiple languages.
  • Easy to set up.
  • It’s completely free to get started.

QI Addons – Most Customizable

QI Addons plugin dashboard

QI Addons is another powerful plugin with over 60 free widgets and customization options, the QiAddons for Elementor plugin is a powerful and adaptable tool. It’s not challenging to set up and use.
Because of its drag-and-drop capability, you can combine widgets and layouts with building stunning pages like a pro.

  • It enables you to make real-time adjustments and see the outcomes right away.
  • Because of the fine programming at its core, Qi is a very lightweight plugin, and you can rest confident that it will not slow down or degrade the performance of your website.
  • Similarly, every feature of the WP banner widget can be customized. At any time, you can count on exceptional customer service.
Notable Features
  • Promote the business with zero coding.
  • Update regularly about business.
  • Similarly, It gives you a modern and straightforward interface.

Simple Banner – Basic Features

SimpleBanner plugin dashboard

Simple Banner is one of the recommended WordPress banner plugins for users looking for a simple but effective way for their banners. However, it is most simple to use, install and adjust so that anyone may make use of its full potential when you want your promo or discount ad to be easily seen at the top of your website.

  • Simple Banner will give you all of the tools you need to create and upload banners.
  • Above all, one of our popular features of this plugin is its extensive customization options.
Notable Features
  • Easy and understandable instructions.
  • Attractive preview.
  • Unique customization options.

Ad Inserter – Advanced Ad management

AdInserter Plugin Dashboard

Ad Inserter has a lot of advertising choices, so it’s a good choice for anyone who wants to make professional ads and promotional banners. Moreover, it accepts advertisements, including Google AdSense and Google Ad Manager.

  • You have complete command over the placement of your advertisements.
  • This means you can advertise on articles and pages, before and after photographs, extracts, and paragraphs, as well as above and below your header and footer.
Notable Features
  • Support header and footer banner.
  • Do not support personal ads.
  • HTML support.

CM Pop-Up Banners – Beginner Friendly

Cm Pop-up Banner

CM Pop-Up Banner is the best choice when you want to make modern, user-friendly pop-up banners for your website, the CM Pop-Up banner plugin will facilitate you with everything you need to show adverts professionally. You may use this tool to place responsive banners anywhere on your site, including at the top and bottom pages.

  • You may customize every aspect of your banners with the CM Pop-up plugin or create ad campaigns with specific requirements.
  • Consequently, you’ll be able to convert more website visitors into consumers and expand your email list.
Notable Features
  • Complete customization of the Banner is available.
  • Flexible features.
  • In addition, It provides reports and stats.

Easy Notification Bar – Easy-to-Use Interface

Easy Notification Bar Plugin Dashboard

Easy Notification Bar comes last on the list for WordPress banner plugins but is undoubtedly not the least qualified. This plugin makes it simple to add a banner to your website to meet your marketing objectives.

However, to make the perfect floating bars for your brand, you can add CTA buttons, change the text, change the colors, and much more. It now has a “sticky” option, which allows the bar to follow the user as they scroll. You may also improve UX by adding a closing “X” button to your campaigns.


The banners can be positioned throughout your website or on specified URLs. It features a responsive design that looks fantastic on mobile devices, and it has minimum code so that it won’t slow down your site. Easy Notification Bar is a simple WordPress banner plugin worth checking out if you’re looking for something simple.

Notable Features
  • SEO features.
  • Lightweight.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • It’s really simple to get started.
  • Easy Notification Bar is easily customizable.

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce – Great Addition

Smart Coupons For WooCommerce

Discount sales are a great marketing tactic to break into a highly competitive market. They also work like a charm to increase the customer base for your business. But when you are creating a coupon sales campaign on your store, you need to be smart about and need to figure out what kinds of coupons can increase be beneficial for your store. WooCommerce has an inbuilt functionality that allows you to create
WooCommerce coupons on your store. However, to run a successful campaign you will need more options than what WooCommerce already provides.

Importance & Notable Features:

One of the most useful features that the plugin provides is that it can help you apply the coupons automatically when the customer checkouts. This also helps you remove the coupon code field from the checkout page which is one of the reasons that users abandon their cart.

Another feature that I adore is the product giveaway offers. A very popular marketing technique in this age is where the users can get a product for free when they make a purchase that you want them to purchase.

The plugin also allows you to create various usage restrictions and coupon rules. You can also create seasonal coupons and create coupon URLs for any campaign that you run.

10 Best WordPress Banner Plugins For 2022

However, the Best WordPress plugin for banners is determined by the type of functionality you require. You may just require one of these plugins, or you may wish to have numerous plugins for different use cases.


In conclusion, After weighing all the options, we’ve determined that TrustPulse is the best banner plugin in the list of 10 Best WordPress Banner Plugins For 2022. In addition, TrustPulse is the most user-friendly, cost-effective, and flexible platform available.