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Do you want to skip forward to the article? Some of the great marketer Plugins you can try in 2022 are TrustPulse, Envira Gallery , and Snash Ballon.

WordPress is growing day by day, and one of the reasons for this progress is the plugin ecosystem that grew alongside it. WordPress plugins are the tools that aid marketers to attracts sales traffic and enhancing workflow on the website. There are 59,000+of plugins available, but one might think, what are the best WordPress plugins for marketers? That is why today we are here for. We have collected the 10+ best WordPress plugins for marketers in 2022 (Most are Free) and will tell you why they are calm and must-haves.

Why should marketers use plugins?

As we all are well aware that WordPress is a famous and well-reputed software that every user can go for, and at this time, there are thousands of plugins present in it to enhance the functionality of WordPress. Because by improving the functionality of WordPress, one can improve the business and workflow of the website. For example, some plugins aid you to connect to your customers, help in SEO optimization email marketing, improve keyword ranking and get organic sales.

Moreover, one can also increase conversions. Some plugins offer automatic tasks that improve the workflow and save time, focus on other essential things, etc. For example, you can send customized notifications or share new blogs on multiple social media pages.

So here is the list of 10+ Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers in 2022 (Most are Free)

List of Best Marketer Plugins in 2022

Below are detailed reviews that explain my recommendations, followed by a brief tactical section to assist you in weighing your options. However, one that’s the best fit will totally depend on the type of plugin you’re looking for.

TrustPulse – Business Growth Plugin

Image of TrustPulse Plugin Website Page

TrustPulse is one of the plugins used for social media platforms. It is among one the best social proof plugins of WordPress because it helps to boost conversion by anchoring social proof. Through trust plus, one can display your brand’s information for higher customer interaction as social proof—for example, new subscription or product description, product buying, etc. Thus, the owner becomes free from fear of missing out and increases sales.

Why I like it:

The interface of this plugin is super easy and user-friendly. One of the worth considering features is “smart targeting.” The user can customize the notification of his website. Like when to send the information and to whom the notification will be shown. Trust plus plugin is paid and free. One can use the free version available through WordPress. It includes 500 sessions and each visit to the site count as a session.

Envira Gallery – Drag & Drop Gallery Plugin

Image of Envira Gallery Plugin Website Home Page

Envira Gallery is a drag and drops plugin of WordPress that is fast, easy, and powerful. It helps to create pictures and videos through readymade layouts. Not just this, but it also helps to sell photos without hiring any professional. This Best WordPress photo gallery plugin for marketers creates SEO, mobile-friendly, and fast-loading images. Through the lightbox popups, the gallery images can be opened.

Why I like it:

As we know, images are the most exciting part of media that attracts and enhances any web sales. Trust plus aids in adding images to WordPress without any plugins. However, the envira gallery enables you to create stunning photos through drag and drop builder. The user can also add a watermark to their photos to prevent theft.

Smash Balloon – Social Media Growth

Image of Smash Ballon Plugin Website Home Page

Smash Balloon is a social media plugin that contains five WordPress plugins. These plugins aid in creating and sharing social media feeds. It the worth noticing feature is that without hiring any professional developer, you can share everything on your own on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. This is one of the best social media plugins of WordPress.

This showcasing of feeds on social media platforms would enhance followers and boost earnings. Moreover, a social wall can also be created through this plugin which combines and displays the content from multiple platforms.

Why I like it:

The plugin is SEO- friendly, which ensures the quality and quantity of your website. The customization feature of Smash Balloon matches the social feed with your WordPress.

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded – Commenting Plugin

Image of STCR Plugin Website Home Page

While answering the query about “10+ Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers in 2022 (Most are Free)”, we cannot ignore Subscribe to Comments Reloaded. As we know, comments are a powerful engagement tool on any website; thus, these Best WordPress plugins allow marketers’ users to subscribe to the content.

Why I like it:

This plugin is designed with a structure that when the user adds a comment, it is unchangeable and checks out any replies or future discussions. Moreover, this plugin also allows the user to get notifications of comments through emails, which results in more page views and engaging conversations.

MonsterInsights – Analytics Plugin

Image of MonsterInsight Plugin Website Home Page

Are you looking for a plugin that keeps track of your site performance? Then, MonsterInsight is what you are looking for. This plugin is one of the best analytical solutions for WordPress; it keeps track of the website and suggests maintaining its performance. Thus, when using this plugin, the marketer can keep an eye on which campaigns are performing satisfactorily by finding out which campaigns are working the best by finding the number of visitors. In any business progress, the most challenging situation is when the statics are covered. This plugin would help you uncover them, and you no longer have to rely on your best guess to see what’s working and what’s not. But you can find your answers through google analytics.

Why I like it:

MonsterInsight automatically identifies outbound and internal links, downloads, affiliate clicks, and much more. This makes the user aware of their website content, interactions, conversions, and eCommerce.

The stats are also visible on the WordPress dashboard, which provides a glance at website performance without leaving the page.

The famous post feature of MonsterInsights also displays the best content and the top-rated product on the left side at the end of the blog.

WPForms – Form Builder Plugin

Image of WPForms Plugin Website Home Page

One of the most significant stress while having a website is whether there would be any beginner-friendly plugins out there or not. WPForms is one of the most beginner-friendly contact forms from WordPress. It allows users to create and share beautiful, user-friendly forms and share them on the WordPress site.

The framework of this website is a simple drag-and-drop base with readymade templates. This means the user can create and share within a few minutes just by clicking without clicking a single word from codes.

Why I like it:

Almost 5 million users have used this plugin worldwide due to its advanced features that speed up marketers’ work. The features of WPforms include the detection of abandonment, different forms, user activity, insight into geolocation, conditional logic, and data routing. However, these Best WordPress plugins allow marketers to connect to visitors, get feedback, conduct a survey, and more regarding queries. Other benefits of this plugin include a mobile-friendly interface, high speed, content management, and much more.

SeedProd – Website Builder

While searching for the Best WordPress plugins for marketers for landing pages, SeedProd is a must-consideration. This plugin is the best landing page builder and is used by almost 1 million developers and professionals. This plugin makes the creation of landing pages easier on WordPress. Using a drag-and-drop option, any landing page can be created in just a few clicks. For beginners, this plugin also offers pre-built landing page templates which allow customized options and getting started in a few minutes. It lets you add a countdown timer, opting form, videos, images, and more to the landing page.

Why I like it:

SeedProd also incorporates the best email marketing services. The user can connect the favorite landing page to the email and thus grow the email list. Besides, you can also add a coming soon page plugin for launching a new product, page, or website, 404 pages, errors, and maintenance on WordPress.

The new features of this plugin incorporate the theme builder feature. Thus, one can use the seed builder feature to create completely custom WordPress themes without any coding.

All In One SEO – Best SEO Plugin

Image of All In One SEO Plugin Website Home Page

More than 3 million users use All in One SEO, it is one of the best SEO plugins in WordPress. The users use this plugin to improve their SEO rankings. The most prominent advantage of using this plugin is optimizing the website without any technical knowledge or professional help. Through this plugin, you can add open graph tags, meta tags, XML sitemaps, breadcrumb navigation, etc.

Not just this, but it also incorporates advanced features like snippets, local SEO module, news & video sitemaps, image SEO module, intelligent link assistant, IndexNow integration for faster content indexing, and more.

Why I like it:

Besides these features, AIO SEO also knows that competitors are the most significant threat to anyone. Thus, it also provides SEO audits and observes the movement of competitors to analyze them. These powerful redirections managers can also fix broken links to boost SEO.

PushEngage – Push Notification Plugin

Image of PushEngage Plugin Website Home Page

PushEngage is a push notification engine. We have enlisted it here as the Best WordPress plugin for marketers because it aids the user to engage and bring their audience back to the website. One can send push notifications to customers whenever a new post, blog, product, or sale is launched. More conversions, sales, and profit can be generated through it. For example, in an eCommerce store, push engage work to recover abandoned carts through personalized messages and notifications.

Why I like it:

The targeted, customized notifications can also be set through it. Thus, one can generate and send messages to different audiences according to their actions and preferences. Some other specifications are automatic drip campaigns, A/B testing, custom campaigns, campaign tracking, and more.

Optimole – Image Optimization Plugin

Image of Optimole Plugin Website Home Page

In image plugins, the Optimole is the next-level plugin. The previous plugin features optimole launch new features and moves computing systems into the cloud. We can describe the optimal features as it analyzes all the images the user upload on his site, optimizes those images, manages the disk space, and then serves through CDN, resulting in faster loading, storing server resources, and ranking the pictures on the web. Moreover, optimal also works on autopilot once installed.

WP Call Button – Click to Call Plugin

Image of WP Call Button Plugin Website Home Page

WP Call Button plugin can add a button on your website all by yourself without hiring a professional. This call button helps your customer in contacting you. Suppose any customer wants to contact you for information services or anything in your business. They can click the button and contact you. For example: in this era of cell phones, the customer can click on the button and directly contact you on your office phone number, which raises business.

Why I like it:

This plugin is a user-friendly plugin in which all you have to do is install and enable this plugin, add your phone or email, and here you go—worried about the button appearance? Don’t worry! This plugin also offers you the option to change the button’s color, text, and position.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a new feature to my WordPress?

You can add various features and functions to WordPress through multiple plugins. They add a new feature to the website with little effort.

How to install the WordPress plugin?

The installation is a straightforward procedure. One should go to the WordPress dashboard, go to the plugin, and click add new. Here, you can find the relevant plugin for your website. to install, click on the install plugin.

What is a plugin used for?

Plugins are also known as adding an extension to a website. They add extra features to the website.

What makes a good plugin?

A quality plugin is user-friendly. When they install it, they know exactly what to do next.

Why are plugins essential?

They are essential as they add extra functionality to the website.

What are some must-have plugins?

Some of the must-have plugins are SEO, Smush, WPforums, etc.

What should I consider before choosing a plugin?

Before choosing, you must consider the plugin’s reputation and its builder. This can be done through reviews and comments.

Do you have to pay for the WordPress plugin?

There are thousands of plugins in WordPress. Some are free, and some are paid.


I hope you found this list of the top ten WordPress marketing plugins useful. These plugins will undoubtedly assist you in taking your marketing game to the next level and ensuring that you get the most marketing bang for your budget. Some of the must-haves are discussed in the above content and come in our 10+ Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers in 2022 (Most are Free).