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Do you want to skip ahead to the answer? The Best Translation Plugin for most users is Weglot and WPML.

Online platforms are for everyone no matter what their culture is, and the pages that cater to the needs of these multi-ethnic users, earn a significant profit. However, if the website’s content is confined to one language, the market becomes very narrow. Thus, in this scenario, the translation plugins for wordpress websites play their role. These plugins aid in translating website content into different languages, and therefore the users can browse the range in their preferred language. However, there are two types of plugins, automatic translation, and self-translation.

Top 5 Best Translation Plugins


Self-translation is done by the user himself. This type of translation provides quality content but is time-consuming.

Automatic translation:

Automatic translation is time-saving but not 100% accurate, however, a significant improvement is made. But there are still mistakes and misused words in such translations.

However, there is an option to use both plugins for translation. But one should keep in mind that automatic translations don’t allow the user to edit the automated translation. Of course, you can revise the content whenever you want. But hiring a professional for translation might increase the cost. However, if you’re going to translate the website tools, and buttons then self-translation is the best option.

In this article, we will show you the top 5 Best Translation Plugins for Multilingual WordPress Websites in 2022 that you can use to create multi-language sites. We will analyze their features, advantages, and prices which will help you pick the best option for your website.

Weglot – Free and multiple-tiered pricing plans

Weglot Plugin Website

Weglot is a premium translation plugin that was launched in 2016. It integrates with WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Magento, and others. In addition, this plugin accommodates clients like Microsoft.

Notable Features

Weglot generates the translation through Google, DeepL, and Yandex. It helps the user to translate the content into 100 different languages. In addition, the system automatically redirects the user to their browser language or they can choose the other translation pages of your content.

To integrate this plugin into your WordPress, you need to enter your Weglot API key, enter your content’s language, and name the language you want the content to be in. However, there are more options like changing the language button design, excluding URL, translating the emails and search bar for the users to search the content in their preferred language.

Weglot Advantages
  • The user can make changes to the automatically generated translation.
  • Can request for professional translation by paying some additional fee.
  • The system redirect the user to their browser language.
  • You can also translate the website metadata, header, and the menu to another language.
Weglot Pricing
  • A free plan is available in this plugin, which is perfect for testing but not for professional use. It offer translation of 2,000 words and 2,000 page views per month.
  • The premium package starts from $11.10 per month or $111.02 per year. The user can be able to translate 10,000 words.
  • The business plan costs $21.31 per month where. The user can translate 50,000 words.
  • The pro plan costs $54.95 per month, and the user can translate 200,000 words.

WPML – Tiered pricing

WPML Plugin Dashboard

WPML According to the analysis is one of the oldest and best WordPress multilingual plugins, and now, it has been activated on almost 1 million websites. But this plugin is not available free of charge.

Notable Features

WPML is the plugin that offers translation in 40 languages and allows posting content on the same or different domains. Furthermore, it contains tools that will enable the user to translate everything by themselves and support automatic translation. This means the user has all the control over translating the content.

WPML Advantages
  • This plugin supports automatic translation.
  • However, WPML can also translate website meta, theme, and plugin information.
  • Users can choose any package from the three.
  • It helps e-commerce websites and enables the user to tweak every page.
WPML Pricing
  • Multilingual blog license for $29 per year.
  • CMS license costs $159 per year.
  • For subscription renewal, the charges are $21, $59, $119, etc.

Polylang – Free and multiple pricing plans

POLYLANG Dashboard page

Polylang Is the best wordpress multilingual plugin that allows the user to create a multilingual or polylingual website. The procedure of this website is easy to understand and use. The user can create a post on his page, create a category, and define the default language and the expected translated language. However, the content can be used for different sub-domains and directories. One of the most notable features of this website is that the string translation page lets you add a translation for necessary strings like tagline, website name, etc.

Notable Features

On this website RTL is present and the wordpress packs are saved automatically.

Polylang Advantages
  • Users can translate as many languages as they want.
  • Polylang can also translate posts, menus, headers, and tags.
  • Polylang works with one specific domain and different domains as well.
  • The default language can be detected from the URL, or the user can add it.
  • Users can update the page with a short translation through the “+” sign.
Polylang Pricing
  • The subscription to polylang is available for $118 per year.

TranslatePress – Multiple-tiered pricing plans

Translate Press Dashboard

TranslatePress, If you want an easy solution to translate your web page menu, content, pages, and strings, then TranslatePress is one of the best options you can ever have. This translation plugin for wordpress websites comes with a manual and automatic translation facility, enabling you to translate images, charts, sliders, and other content.

Notable Features

Using the live editor of TranslatePress, you can edit any page or content. It works as a customizer, showing the website on the right hand of the page. However, whenever the user clicks any part of the page, the column on the left-hand side is loaded. The user can then view the WordPress page and create a suitable translation.

TranslatePress Advantages
  • Users can translate content directly from the front end through this plugin.
  • Compatible with your website theme.
  • Provide a live preview as you edit.
  • Comes with manual and automatic translations.
  • Integrate with Google translate to provide you best translation results.
TranslatePress Pricing

For a personal website subscription, the pro-Translatepress costs $88.52. at the same time, the business subscription costs $155.79. Users can also go for a developer subscription is $223.10 with zero restrictions.

GTranslate – Free, multiple pricing plans

GTranslate Dashboard

GTranslate is one of the user-friendly translation plugins for wordpress websites, that make the user’s life easy. This plugin incorporates Google translates to provide translation of almost 103 languages.

Notable Features

Using this plugin, the user can translate the menu, sidebars, widgets, and much more. Moreover, woo-commerce is also supported by this plugin. Ten different widgets are available in it, and the user can translate your web content by using any of the widgets. However, it can be added to any sidebar of the website.

GTranslate Advantages
  • The user can get free automatic Google translation.
  • GTranslate hides the Google top frame after translation.
  • GTranslate can also work with posts and pages.
  • According to the browser language, the auto switch is also provided.
GTranslate Pricing

If the user wants to translate the content in one language, it will cost only $7.99 per month, and if the user wants to translate into multiple languages, it will cost $17.99 per month. Updating the package to $27.99, the URLs can be solved, and the business subscription cost of this translation plugin for wordpress websites is $37.99.

Which Translation Plugin is Best?

After reviewing the top translation plugins, we can safely state that Weglot and WPML are the best translation plugins on the market. However, be careful using translation plugins because most multilingual plugins will modify your database, and you may encounter compatibility difficulties that will destroy your site. We strongly advise you to back up your website before experimenting with any multilingual plugin.


We hope you enjoyed seeing our list of the top 5 Best Translation Plugins for Multilingual WordPress Websites 2022. As always, one size doesn’t fit all, so it’s highly recommended that you test multiple solutions to get a better understanding of what’s available and the best plugin or service for your needs. If you manage a business website or online store, we recommend that you use a professional translation service to manually translate the main pages in your area.