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Yoast SEO is one of the most widespread plugins of WordPress, and every person who manages a website on WordPress is well aware of this plugin.

Wincher integration with YOAST SEO is the joint venture of two companies to make SEO easier for users. Therefore, whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can optimize the website and run a successful business.

Integration of Wincher in YOAST SEO

For every website owner, the main goal is to get a high rank on Google; who doesn’t want to earn money after all the effort with the content? However, the integration of Wincher in YOAST SEO is helpful to get track of the content according to SEO.

  • Clear insight into your content.
  • Above all, creating new strategies to create quality content.
  • In addition, an overview of progress through a dashboard.

How to integrate YOAST SEO with Wincher:

Yoast SEO Wincher Integration

To integrate YOAST SEO with Wincher first make sure that the integration option is on. After that, go to the YOAST SEO tab and choose the integration option. Turn on the Wincher integration toggle and save changes. After that, go to your post, select one for practice and scroll down to select the track SEO performance on the right bar. After the pop-up, choose to connect with Wincher for the login. At this juncture, you will get two choices.

Wincher user:

This is the advantage for Wincher users. Click on login and enter your details. After that, you can choose a website to track the SEO ranking.

Non-Wincher user:

However, the second option is for those who are not Wincher users, and therefore you can track 5 SEO words for free, but after that, you have to sign-up and enable the integration.

Working on Wincher integration with YOAST SEO

As we know, searching the keywords is essential for ranking content, but tracking the performance of those keywords is also equally important. Thus, for this, the integration of Wincher and YOAST is helpful. After enabling the integration, the user can add keywords for URLs or websites to find out if these are the right for the SEO ranking. After a few seconds, the user would know the results. However, in this step, there are different factors that the user must be aware of:

  • The toggle refers to tracking the website position concerning a specific keyword.
  • The keyword with the star symbol represents the primary keyphrase of the website; users can add more words to it.
  • Through the graphs, the position of the content can also be detected. Which aids in setting new strategies as well.

However, for a complete guide, one can click on the view button for a comprehensive view of content and get keyword research, competitors tracking, API, on-page SEO tool through Wincher integration, etc.


In conclusion, Wincher is a great way to track ranking experience with YOAST SEO and make the SEO experience easier for everyone!