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Do you want to skip ahead to the answer? The Best WordPress Page Builder for most people are Elementor and Beaver Builder.

Do you want to build a WordPress page without worrying about code, but you don’t have that budget? Then these, 5 Best WordPress Page Builders are for you. We can’t deny that expert builders can do wonders but could cost a lot of money. Thankfully fastest wordpress page builder makes it possible for beginners to do wonders like any expert without costing a lot of money and without the coding skills required.

5 Best WordPress Page Builders

History of WordPress page builders

Not too long ago, WordPress page builder didn’t exist, which kept users out of luck who didn’t know anything about coding. Thus, such users always needed an expert for a business page or even designing a landing page. This approach costs a lot to the users, but the designers have to work with HTML and CSS to make any slight change, which takes a lot of time.

Eventually, shortcodes were invented, which sped up the process fair enough. However, the real evolution came when WordPress page builders came into being. They proved an impressive addition to the design world by providing more visual features.

Why you need the fastest WordPress builder:

Have you ever struggled to create a basic page like the “contact us” page?

We are well aware that the approach necessitates a large amount of formatting, coding, and headaches without a visual builder. Everything changes, though, when you use a WordPress page builder. Because experienced developers can speed up the development process, beginners no longer have to worry about messy code.

Elementor – Best Overall Builder

Elementor page builder

Elementor is free to download the fastest wordpress page builder, but you may upgrade to the Pro version for a charge. For a single site, the Pro edition costs $49, and for an unlimited number of sites, it costs $199. As you can see from the parts listed below and Elementor’s ease of use, this is a fantastic price. Elementor is a free WordPress website builder with one of the most responsive user interfaces available. From live editing to instant page loads, everything is instant.

Animations, shape dividers, gradient backdrops, and headline effects are standard page builder capabilities in the element. There’s even a template library with various attractive WordPress themes to choose from.
In addition, Elementor’s accessible edition includes a user-friendly mobile interface for construction sites, landing pages, and much more.

In terms of general performance and feature set, it makes no difference whether you use the pro or free version. It primarily depends on what you need for your particular website. The Pro version of Elementor, on the other hand, is a work of beauty. Elementor is our most recommended builder in our list of 5 Best WordPress Page Builders.

  • The free version provides a live design experience and a speedy design.
  • No need for other plugins while using this builder.
  • The facility of language translation into many is also an option.
  • The API is available to be extended into other systems.

Beaver Builder – Best Simple Builder

beaverbuilder dashboard

Beaver Builder is one for those looking for something more than the simplicity of the previous builders. There is a free lite edition as well as a paid version. The prices are a tad more than the average builder. On the other hand, Beaver Builder may be used on an unlimited number of sites for $99.White labeling is available in the Agency plan ($399), indicating that Beaver Builder is also considering developing residences with clients.

Being a WordPress page builder gives you complete control over your design components by starting with current and attractive templates and then cleaning up your site with a drag-and-drop system. It’s also a mobile-friendly builder, with WooCommerce integration for those who run online stores.

When third-party plugins don’t work with Beaver Builder, you can save and reuse rows and modules and use shortcodes and widgets.

  • The front-end editing is done in real-time, so there is no guesswork but a quick review of the changes.
  • It supports WooCommerce.
  • The user is facilitated with dozen of drag and drop features.
  • The layouts can be saved and used again at any other time.

GeneratePress – Best For Performance

GeneratePress Page Builder

GeneratePress is a free WordPress theme; however, we like to think of it as a straightforward page builder, ideal for newbie webmasters, bloggers, and developers looking for a simple, quick visual builder. You may also use GeneratePress Premium and its free GenerateBlocks plugin to graphically create practically any form of a website. Let’s start with the big picture.

GeneratePress is a free WordPress theme for landing pages, blogs, company websites, and sales pages that are simple, lightweight, and gorgeous. Because the GeneratePress theme is so modern and sleek, it isn’t easy to think of a market where it wouldn’t work.
When working with the free theme, much of the modification is done using its block-based editor, but when you upgrade to the premium version, you gain access to a lot more modules.

GeneratePress is a lightning-fast solution to building a gorgeous website even without GenerateBlocks. However, once you install the free GenerateBlocks plugin, you’ll have a lot more design options. In addition, GeneratateBlocks Pro is available if you require even more functionality. In a word, the best plugin enables you to construct a block and then populate it with media, text, headers, colors, and background colors. For example, you may use bold language, photographs, and hyperlinks to construct a list of your product’s merits.

  • A professional website can be prepared in minutes.
  • Enhance the versatility of the website.
  • Attractive modules like typography, colors, etc., are also present.
  • The free theme works, but you can also choose a paid version.

WP Page Builder – Builder For Beginners

WP Page Builder

WP Page Builder was released on August 1st, 2018, and it has already created a name for itself. There’s a reason why this page builder has the features it does. The team is believed to have spent years in R&D to develop the best solution. Even if you’ve never operated a page builder before, the clean and straightforward design will quickly help you comprehend it.

The toolbar is simple to use, making it even easier to employ rows and columns. The add-ons are designed to fulfill a specific set of duties and can do so flawlessly. Throughout your work, you can save any row holding a group of add-ons in the library area. This feature allows you to reuse your work, saving you a significant amount of time. The predesigned blocks and layouts in wordpress page builder are helpful. You may create a single page with only one click using simple drag-and-drop functionality. These blocks are well-designed and have a lot of substance. The layout kits are an excellent method to create a ready-made page quickly. Because the packs contain one or more pages, it is possible to use just one page from a bundle.

  • For a better user experience, front editing is provided here.
  • The drag-and-drop option would let you add them on any page.
  • Predesigned looks and templates are available.
  • It works without the primary coding language; however, if you need more advantages, you can use the custom CSS option.

SiteOrigin Page Builder – Best Free Builder

Site Origin Dashboard

Site Origin Page Builder is available in two versions: a free version and a $29 premium version. Without paying an additional fee and email address, you can download the SiteOrigin widget bundle. Modules for Google Maps, headlines, image grids, price tables, post carousels, and more are among the widgets available. When you combine this with the responsive WordPress page builder, you’ve got a straightforward content production interface that everyone can use.

This is a simple drag-and-drop system with grid-based technology with SiteOrigin and third-party widget integration. As a result, you can use some of the most common widgets provided with your theme to design your website.
The fastest wordpress page builder enables real-time frontend editing, but the backend page builder also allows you to move stuff about. This adds a simple toolbar to the top of your content with buttons for adding widgets, rows, prebuilt modules, and seeing your history.

As previously indicated, Page Builder by SiteOrigin is available for free, with no need to upgrade for support or updates. However, if you want additional add-ons, such as the SiteOrigin Custom Post Type Builder, which will help you further build your site, you may upgrade to the premium version.

  • If you’re looking for a cost-effective WordPress page builder, look no further.
  • This includes a large variety of widgets that are free to use.
  • You don’t mind resolving customer service issues through forums or manuals on your own.
  • You’d want a live page builder with both a backend and a front end.
  • The SiteOrigin Page Builder comes with a clean, easy-to-understand toolbar.
  • The essential parts, such as rows and widgets, can be added.
  • SiteOrigin works seamlessly with its widgets and any other third-party widgets you may have on your site.


One thing became quite evident as we compared various drag-and-drop WordPress website builders.
Elementor, Beaver Builder and GeneratePress are clearly the top 3 choices. Visual Composer and Elementor Pro are other great alternatives If you don’t mind investing some money to get the best solution.


From our extensive research for the 5 Best WordPress Page Builders, we can certainly state that Beaver Builder is the most excellent option for a simple UI and robust features.
As a result, it is the best page builder for WordPress. However, you can use the other website builder if you seek complete wordpress page builder tools to alter site headers, footers, and menus.